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t Kwassie

The Zaanse shawl

The Zaanse shawl was designed by Ellen Menses with the Zaan region in mind.

The pattern is made with an easy to knit wool. Just like the pattern, the colors will have real Zaanse names. Think of willow green, cattail brown or ditch blue.

Contents of the knitting kit:

Balls of wool from Lang Yarns

Pattern Dutch or English

Other supplies:

Circular knitting needle 3.5 length 80cm or 100cm

Circular knitting needle 2.5 length 120cm

Crochet hook 2.5 without handle

Stitch markers for the corners

Sewing machine for the trim

Sewing thread

Darning needle


The Zaanse shawls was designed by Ellen Menses

Photos taken by: Catharina van der Veur

Location: Paint mill "De Kat"

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